Success of Agriculture is dependent on the availability of the youths. Young people (from Rural and Urban areas) have the wisdom to manage the future of Agriculture. They sense that Agriculture is not only economic but social, cultural and spiritual. To get the youths of the day into Agriculture and farming, it starts from the basic educational levels. This education should be holistic, comprehensive and readily accessible.

Agricultural education is the ultimate way to ensure that young people pick interest in Agriculture. It is quite obvious that agrarian development cannot be achieved simply by giving inputs and credits. It is important to build a correct way of farming and ensure capacity building among farmers, villagers and young generation.

Farm and entrepreneurial education and training programmes have great potential to create new businesses rooted in our communities, economy and poised to grow and contribute over the long run.

Farming skills can be developed and obtained by technical assistance through internships and apprentice programmes, on-farm employment through peer-to-peer networks or self-directed study. This will help a lot in working against the community held idea that agriculture is for the poor, elderly and the under priviledged.

This is necessary because Food is perhaps the most important of our needs to localize, since it is something everyone, everywhere needs everyday.

Agro-tourism can contribute to a sustainable educational system in Agriculture because the more we travel the more cultivated, open minded and sensitized about our environment we become.

Come with us to Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State to explore the endless possibilities in Agribusiness to facilitate agricultural education through training and on farm visits…

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