Let us consider protein first since protein is critical for muscle mass and egg production in poultry farming.

Insufficient  protein causes:

– Lowered growth 

– Stunted growth 

– Fewer and smaller eggs

– Poor feathering 

– Feather picking 

Insufficient minerals causes:

– Calcium

– Rickets- soft bones/beaks 

– Egg shell integrity (Thin/ No shell)

Insufficient Sodium causes:

– Feather picking 

– Aggression

Insufficient Vitamins causes:

– Lowered growth 

– Stunted growth 

– Egg shell quality 

– Bone integrity 

– Lowered health 

– Decreased hatchability 

  • Insufficient energy leads to increased feed intake.
  • If very low energy, the bird may not be able to consume enough feed.Beyond problems with accessibility and availability of nutrients in livestock feed, there are some problems caused by farmers or farm mangers in a bid to cut corners.Please look out for the next post where this will be discussed. Pending that time, you can drop your comments in the comment section or reach out to us through LinkedIn message or direct message on Instagram @heirsandheralds.

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