Most of the challenging issues of export market start at the production stage where farmers fail to meet the standards required in the international market. The challenging issues are but not limited to:

  1. Minimum Residual Level (MRL) of chemicals: Unsafe and Improper use of pesticides (No or late withdrawal of pesticides and fungicides).
  2. Poor pest management practices.
  3. Lack of export market knowledge.
  4. Inability to meet demands, (Quantity).

Many export firms or individuals think of export at peak periods of certain commodities or farm produce; as such, they don’t pay attention to the standard management practices.

It is therefore necessary to build capacity by studying the Global gaps, Identify prime products and their markets, get desired off takers or form a cooperative to be able to meet the needs. So, if you are considering export, think at least of Global Gap Certification.

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