A new business is a lot like a baby turtle. Turtles usually return to the same island they have nested before, year after year. However, with numbers dwindling and other beaches becoming over crowded, they change track.

When an entrepreneur realizes the way things are being done in a certain sector isn’t working, this can be the spark that results in a new business. They recognize that making the same mistakes won’t work, and decide to change by altering the processes and procedures of doing business.

The most dangerous period for a new business is the start. The first priority for any company is survival…, pure and simple. While few Startups go on to become successful businesses, many of them don’t get past the incubation stage. The same goes for baby turtles; only one in a thousand turtles survives to adulthood. 20% are never strong enough to even make it out of their nest.

The dangers at the start are most prominent for turtles, there are crabs, birds and fish to avoid and tough terrain to cover. For businesses; Recruitments, Cash flow, Advertisements, Market share capturing and retention are the hurdles that need to be jumped before a company can really get off the ground.

Turtles don’t get a lot of help in their efforts to reach the ocean and survive. Likewise entrepreneurs, while experimental ‘headstarting’ programmes have been setup to aid hatchings, their success at times are not as well guaranteed.

If business does not make it past its initial stage, those involved will be wiser from the experience and battle-hardened from the obstacles they overcame.

As for turtles, as they develop, their shells grow tougher and they become less vulnerable to attacks. But with their soft underbelly, they can never relax and consider themselves completely safe. If they make it through the tough times, turtles can live up to around 80 years of age. Successful companies likewise can go from generation to generation as long as they are able to adapt to the changing business environment.

Turtles need time, and startup businesses do. Knowledge of this is key and necessary for taking action as good can only come from doing good. I wish all startups all the best in their business endeavour.