Recognizing the enormous opportunities that agriculture brings is the first step to a sustainable system. Opportunities are there, but they are only limited by our resources and imagination.

When voters are primarily consumers, it is increasingly difficult to elect leaders with an understanding of rural issues, agricultural issues and resources issues.

Anonymity enables thoughtfulness, and ultimately disdain and contempt. We tend to not trust people and things we don’t know. We simply can’t afford to not know and trust our agriculture, our farmers, and our rural resources stewards. The situation is precarious when 98% of the population can’t comprehend issues facing the 2% that provide their food, fiber and fuel.

People who know their farmers or their farmland want to support and take care of their farmers and farmland. That’s a great start. But the truth is, there’s no possibility of sustaining culture on this planet if we don’t sustain the agriculture that provides resources for the infrastructure. Together we can build a sustainable food system in Nigeria.